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Trade Session Timings
  • Trading in INX GA will be conducted over a period of 23:15 hours, as per table given below:

    Pre-Open Timings Market Timings
    Business Day Time Business Day Market Timings
    Monday 02:30 IST Monday – Friday 03:30 - 02:30 IST
    Tuesday - Friday 03:15 IST
    - IST (Indian Standard Time)
  • As mentioned in the above table, the market timings for ‘Business Day’ Monday shall be conducted over a span of two calendar days viz. Monday (starting at 3:30 am IST) and Tuesday (ending at 2:30 AM IST).
  • The timings are subject to change based on day-light saving period.
  • The pre-open timings will be as per the relevant Exchange. It will allow clients to begin entering, modifying and cancelling orders for next trading day, but no trades will be executed.
  • During market timings the client orders are matched on real time, based on respective product’s market timings.