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How to get started?
Link of Step-by-step guides & Video tutorials for account opening, fund transfer & Trading Terminals given below (Click on respective link) -

  • Step 1: Register your account and complete KYC
    Account Opening Instructions - (Click here)
    Video Tutorial on Account Opening - (Click here)

  • Step 2: Fund your account
    Video Tutorial to initiate transfer of Funds via India INXGA trading platform

    Clients can remit fund from any bank in India that allow foreign remittance under LRS. Client can also submit Form A2 at branch for fund transfer (purpose code is S0001). Following partner banks provide fund remittance facility on lower cost to India INX Global Access Clients.

    Partner Banks Fund Transfer Instructions (Refer Note 1)
    Sr. No. Bank Guide Select / Use
    1 Kotak Bank Step-by-step guide Select INXGA as partner in while remitting for preferential rates
    2 Indusind Bank Step-by-step guide Select INXGA as partner in while remitting for preferential rates
    3 ICICI Bank (Coupon Code: INXGA1) Step-by-step guide USE coupon code INXGA1 while remitting for preferential rates
    *Above rates are current rates and subject to change without prior intimation

    Other Banks Fund Transfer Instructions
    Sr. No. Bank Guide
    1 HDFC Bank* Step-by-step guide
    * Fund transfer is possible from most of the banks in India, above list indicative
  • Step 3: Learn how to access Trading Terminal
    Video Tutorial on INXGA Trading Terminal

  • Step 4: Learn how to invest in diversified global portfolios
    Video Tutorial on Portfolio Management Services

    Step-by-Step Guide

    Note 1
    Partner Banks: For complete digital experience and comparatively lower remittance charges you may also open bank account online with our banking partners (in Case you do not have already).

    Bank Guide Tutorial on Online Bank
    Account Opening
    Kotak Bank Click Here Click Here
    HDFC Bank* Click Here Click Here

    Disclaimer: Bank account is not offered by India INXGA, Bank accounts will be opened with banks. Kindly check rates, terms & conditions with bank prior to opening a bank account, India INX GA will not incur any personal financial liability